Novi Sad – Festival City

Novi Sad is located about 80 kilometres from the capital. Along with Belgrade and the city of Niš, Novi Sad is the most appealing city break destination in the country. The most interesting part of Novi Sad’s tourist offer of is the old town centre from the 18th and 19th centuries, as well as Petrovaradin Fortress.

This dynamic city, completely different to Belgrade, offers you a wealth of cultural activities, entertainment and gastronomic ambiance.


(first half of June)

The International Festival of Film and Media, organised by the Association EXIT Novi Sad, turns Novi Sad into a festival city over the course of the eight days of the festival. The programme concept of the festival, taking in 20 locations, includes film, music and an academic programme, as well as a festival of new media.


(late June)

This event promotes the culture of wine and wine products from the territory of Serbia including Vojvodina, as well as Novi Sad as a wider wine region.


(begining of July)

EXIT music festival, as one of the most recognisable European music festivals, brings together hundreds of performers and about 150,000 visitors from Serbia and the rest of the world during four days each year. The festival has received several awards as the best festival in Europe and the region.


(first half of September)

The international festival of street musicians is a great art workshop under an open sky. The square and streets are a metaphor for communication. The festival was founded in 2001, has a promotional character and brings together street artists from all around the world – principally musicians, then theatrical groups, clowns, juggler, acrobats, etc. In 2007 the Tourist Organisation of Serbia (TOS) awarded the International festival of street musicians its Tourism flower award for 2006.


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