Guitar Art Festival celebrates 50 years of “Beatles”

The event titled “The Beatles On” will be an integral part of this year’s Guitar Art festival which is going to be held in Belgrade from 12. to 17. of March. During this period, the public will have the opportunity to participate in the celebration of 50 years since the release of the first album, “The Beatles” through exhibitions, film screenings, panel discussions and a concert at 12. of March at the Union Hall Festival, when the festival is going to be officially opened.

The concert will be a celebration of half a century of tradition that the Beatles have in Serbia, first of all, thanks to basketball ace Radivoje Korać, who first made their debut on Radio Belgrade, and after that, he predicted them a golden future. Leaders of the program will be known actress Ana Sofrenović and probably one of the greatest experts on the Beatles, musician Dejan Cukić.

The entire event will consist of three parts of music without a break, and the most popular songs from the Liverpool foursome arrangements will be performed in a variety of well-known musicians from the region. Among them are Alexandra Kovač who will perform with the choir, “Belgrade’s voice,” Dado Topić, Neno Belan, Vlatko Stefanovski, Bisera Velentalić, Kiki Lesendrić and other. Special processing of the most beautiful melodies Beatles will perform Kornelije Kovač with his trio and also a Greek  guitarist Kostas Kociolis who will join forces with the renowned string orchestra “Dušan Skovran”. To show had all the strength of some Beatles songs sung by the entire stadium today, in the final part of the evening, some of the biggest “Anthems” will perform together all stakeholders and the public at large hall of the union, the central concert hall during the sixties.

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