City of Belgrade – Zemun Municipality

On the right bank of the Danube, in southeastern part of Srem, there is Zemun Municipality, formerly a separate city, and today a romantic part of Belgrade. With its cultural and historic heritage, typical Vojvodina architecture and special charm, Zemun is the real “city within the city“. Its inhabitants carefully nurture this noble spirit.

Gardoš Hill, with Sibinjanin Janko Tower and remains of the fortress from the 14th century, is one of the most important places in Zemun and Belgrade. According to legends, exactly in this place the first settlement of fishermen and small artisans was created, which is getting its modern dimensions in the second half of the 18th and in early 19th century. At the foot of this hill and along the Danube and Lower Town, there is Church of St. Nicholas, the oldest preserved temple in Belgrade. It preserves a part of the relics of St. Apostle Andrej the First Called, a precious relic. Rich in cult and church and artistic objects, old religious books and guild banners, this church is under state protection as a significant cultural and historic heritage.

The beautiful Zemun Quay stretches along the Danube bank, below Gardoš and all the way to the edge of the New Belgrade municipality. Along the promenade, on the bank and on the water (on rafts), there are clubs and restaurants, cafes and bars, marines and playgrounds, and one „alley of unforgettable plane trees“, making this stretch one of the most attractive and best known in Belgrade.

Zemun view on Belgrade

Zemun view on Belgrade

Big and Small War Island on along the Danube are unique geological and morphological creations, made from an underwater cay that surfaced from the river in the 16th century. From the Big War Islands, the Turks attacked the Belgrade Fortress in 1521. Karađorđe rebels and Austro-Hungarian soldiers also used it for military purposes and therefore the word „War“ in its name. Today, there are pile dwellings of nature lovers there, and on the upper point there is the Lido Beach. In addition to lush vegetation, other natural treasures could be seen on the island, such as colonies of rare and endangered species of birds, which makes it a true oasis for their observation ( bird watching). „Jungle in the Heart of Belgrade“ and „Six Bridges on the Sava“ are popular adventure programs for touring around the city and the kayaks.

Opera And Theatre „Madlenijanum“ is the first private company of this kind in Southeast Europe, founded in 1999 in the old city centre of Zemun. Founded in 1972 as the „Traveling Puppet Theatre“ , Theatre „Pinokio“ is the only puppet theatre in Belgrade. Its repertoire includes productions based on fairy tales, myths and legends. This theatre is the organizer of the famous Festival of Monodrama and Pantomime.

Restauran Šaran has been on the Quay, in the Lower Town, for more than a century. It is famous for its fish stew and traditional recipes, but also excellent tambura orchestras with which quests often stay until dawn. To the honor of the great river and old fishermen, every July in Zemun they organize „The Golden Cauldron of the Danube“, the event gladly frequented by people from Zemun. „Sumer on Gardoš“ takes place every year from July 12 to September 1, with diverse cultural and entertainment program on the summer stage. The attractive surroundings emphasize romantic atmosphere of this event.

Life next to the Danube is an inspiration for the people from Zemun to practice water sports. They have a nautical, sailing and kayaking club „Zemun“, as well as rowing club „Galeb“.

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