Gardoš Tower


Tower is a historical symbol of Zemun

Splendid view of the Belgrade

Gardoš Tower is one of four Millennium towers that the Hungarian authorities raised on the border of their empire in honor of Janos Hunyadi (Serbian: Janko Sibinjanin), a great hero, fighter against the Turks and their presence in the Balkans. The Austro-Hungarian monarchy collapsed after the First World War, only two decades after the Millennium Tower was built. On the foundations of this empire sprouted new, national states.

Throughout the history the Tower was a symbol of power, an observation tower and a lookout tower, and now is equally elevated in the service of art and culture. Thanks to the Cubrilo gallery, the tower has a new life, and the gallery already opened the door of this well-aged beauty for everyone who visits it.

Today the tower is under the protection of the Institute for monuments.
From the Tower on Gardoš there is a splendid view of the Belgrade.