Belgrade Beer Fest 2014

For the eleventh time in a row, Belgrade Beer Fest has proved as the biggest festival in the South Eastern part of the Europe. During five days of the festival 700 000 of visitors enjoyed 43 performances and over 50 various beer brands.

The performances of Massimo Savić, Bad Copy and V.I.P., Riblja Čorba, Alen Islamović, Dubioza kolektiv, Bajaga i Instruktori, Boney M. and Partibrejkers, were noticed by the largest number of visitors and the best atmosphere.

For the first time at the festival, we have organized the campaign #HappyContest, where the celebrities belonging to various spheres such as media, arts and sport, took part and competed in beer pouring and through that action collected 800 000 rsd. Collected money, according to the wish of the winning team, is going to be directed to help the girl Nevena Janković, who needs lung transplantation.

The audience announced Jelen Pivo, as the best beer of the festival, the most beautiful stand belonged to Lav, and the best promotion was the promoting campaign of the Heineken Company “Društvo – ko vozi kući?”, owing to which the visitors had the free public transportation during the night.

The producer of Belgrade Beer Fest, Belgrade Cultural Network is very grateful to the City of Belgrade, Department for monitoring, coordination and control of the project “Čvorište” and all public utilities, without which such a festival could not be implemented properly. We thank the Tourist Organization of Belgrade and Serbia for help in the festival promotion abroad.

We thank in particular the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Serbia and the Police Department of the City of Belgrade, for their generous help in activities concerning the security aspects of the festival. Working together, we organized a very peaceful festival that will be remembered for good entertainment, music and fun.

Finally, we thank all the visitors and musicians, without whom we would not have fantastic atmosphere by which this festival is the most famous for.

Belgrade Beer Fest

Facts and numbers of the 11th Belgrade Beer Fest:

  • Total number of visitors is around 700.000, according to the data referring to the number of visitors on every festival night in 22 pm. We did not take into consideration the visitors which left the festival area before that time or those who came later.
  • During the performance of Bajaga i Instruktori, on Saturday, August 17th, in one moment we had to close the festival area due to great number of visitors.
  • In total 43 performers were on the stage.
  • Owing to “I choose to recycle” social campaign, which was organized in cooperation with our strategic partner Ball Packaging Europe Belgrade, and the action of Recan Fund we managed to collect around 450 kilos of aluminium, which will be recycled.
  • In our traditional competition in speed beer drinking, Lavovski cug, in male competition the winner was Aleksandar Zlatković, who drunk the half litre can in 9,25 seconds, and in female competition the winner was Jovana Adamović, who drunk the same beer amount in 25,13 seconds.


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