Adventurous Team Building in Serbia

Team building is the process of turning a group of individual contributing employees into a cohesive team. It is a collective term for various types of activities used to enhance social relations and define roles within teams, often involving collaborative tasks.

This may be the closest definition of team building, which has been developing surprisingly fast.

Both, big corporations and smaller companies are looking for the best suitable places and activities to maintain this important and fun process and this is when we come to part Serbia.

Why Serbia?

Because it is rich in natural beauties that mirrors in numerous mountains, perfect for relaxation, an active holiday or in this case, for team building.

Crystal clear waters in lakes, rivers and streams in canyons provide an opportunity for swimming, sailing, kayaking and stand up paddle.

Modern spa centers rich in mineral and thermal waters attracts many companies that are looking for a perfect team building.

Cities like Belgrade, Novi Sad, Subotica and Niš are the best examples of culture and life in Serbia, with restaurants, cafes and night clubs that are constantly open.

And there are some of the oldest archeological sites and settlements such as Viminacium, Vinča and Lepenski Vir, that need to be explored by your team.

Extraordinary food will welcome you wherever you turn.

But maybe the most fascinating part of Serbia is the spirit of its people, that will make you feel home alike.

Adventurous Team Building

Studies have shown that even a short walk each day, can help office workers to improve their focus,  short-term memory,  immune system, and creativity.

But if bring it to the next level and take you to the outdoor team building adventure?

What if we tell you, that you could make amazing memories on the gorges lakes and rivers, feel ride in the saddle on the astonishing horses, and experience the unique beauty of Serbian nature… and all that as part of your team building event.

What if we tell you that you can think out of the office?

Following the stated, we present you our top 3 adventurous activities for your team building in Serbia.

Kayaking through the Uvac gorge

Water is known to be one of the best ways for relaxations, it calms your thoughts, bringing you closer to nature, ideal for burn out prevention. Rivers and lakes are the ones that will always give you peace that you are looking for.

Luckily Serbia is abundant in rivers and lakes which make it suitable this kind of team building activities, and one among them is kayaking through the Uvac gorge.

Uvac river kayaking Serbia

Uvac river kayaking Serbia

During past years with the growth of adrenaline team building activities, kayaking has founded its places under the corporate sky. As an activity that reaches team connection to the higher level and strengthens the spirit, it is a great option for the bounding team. It provides overboard fun, it is a great experience and a team story to tell over and over again. All these facts together make kayaking a perfect blend of teamwork, mild exercise and experiencing the outdoors.

So if you are planning to have this kind of adventure which is both inspiring and memorable it should be held at the unforgettable and scenic area too.

Following all stated, we are presenting you the adventure of kayaking on the Uvac lake.

Special Nature Reserve

Uvac Special Nature Reserve is reserve in southwestern Serbia, characterized by the beautiful canyon and deep riverbed.

One of the most beautiful lakes in Serbia is definitely considered to be Lake Uvac. Whoever had the pleasure of visiting this natural marvel, stood speechless in front of this hidden gem.

Now, imagine that you and your team are kayaking through this magnificent area, blessed by emerald green water, decorated by meanders and enriched by incredible landscapes, enjoying all the beauties of this natural reserve.

Uvac gorge meander

Uvac Gorge meander

Clear water is a home of numerous kinds of fish and everywhere around you abundant of plants are flourishing.

High in the sky, its majesty Griffon Vulture is flying free. With a wingspan of up to 3 meters well deserves its title as “guardian of the sky”. It is one of few remaining vulture species which nests in Europe.

Teamwork, laughter and incredible moments in nature will make memories that last forever.

Horseback riding

After many years of studying it has been proved that spending time with horses through various activities help us learn important life skills and get educational, personal and professional goals.

Today horses are considered to be one of the greatest therapeutics used in physiotherapy, education, sports even business. Every contact with these noble creatures gives us motivation and joy.

These intelligent animals feel, think, learn and expect the same comeback from you.

In return, you will get an amazing experience, emotions, and communication that have a positive effect on improving your team bond and abilities.

Serbia horse riding team building

Serbia horse riding team building

As learning horse riding is the complex discipline you may plan your team building as a few days adventure or as one day experience. In both ways, it is considered spending time with these animals or learning some riding basics. Those basics include terminology, basic technics of riding, preparing the horse for the ride. And it is more complicated than it seems to be. The rider is constantly active in the saddle strain muscles. He needs to beat technics, balance, understanding the horse and his behavior.

All that might be happening while you are surrounded by vast greenery of Serbian landscapes. Enjoying in the saddle on the fresh mountain breeze, creating memories that last for life.


Another interesting exercise for encouraging the team, in order to reach business goals is certainly orienteering. “Orienteering run” as it was originally named was born in Scandinavian countries.

As an adventurous team building, this exciting event is a great way to boost team spirit, improve cooperation between team members, coordination, and capacity to work under stress. Each person in the group has a different role and they all have to work together to complete the task. It stimulates communication, encourages leader skills and increases levels of trust among the team as participants depend on each other.

Orienteering checkpoint

Orienteering checkpoint

The game aim is to navigate and find control points which are marked on the map in the shortest time.

Team has to decide the best route to get to the control points and they are equipped with maps, GPS and/or compass. At any time, professional instructors with years of experience are there to assist the team.

Spending quality time with your colleges, having so much fun and creating priceless moments will motivate you and bring new energy to your work environment.


We hope that we have inspired you to get some new ideas which will help you awake the enthusiasm and burst your team spirit. Get in touch with us and find out all team building options Serbia offers.

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