Ovčar – Kablar monasteries


Very important complex of ten monasteries

Outstanding, beautiful and diverse landscape

Ovčar Kablar Monasteries is a unit of 10 monasteries, placed in the Ovčar Kablar Gorge, on the slopes of the two mountains Ovčar and Kablar. Because of the religious and cultural significance, this region is often called the Serbian Holy Mountain (as the Holy Mount Athos in Greece).

Monasteries were built at different times but most of them were built in the period of Ottoman rule. Besides monasteries, there is a church in the rock dedicated to famous Serbian personality Saint Sava with the source of water which is a geological phenomenon and therefore is considered to be miraculous. There is also a cave-church where the Turks burned Serbian fighters for freedom, and whose remains were buried here.

Ovčar-Kablar Gorge of the river West Morava is an protected area of preserved nature, offering incredible views and spiritual mysticism. It is located in western Serbia, near city of Čačak, about 150 km from Belgrade.