Ćelije monastery


Dedicated to Saint Archangel Michael

It is monastery for nuns

Ćelije Monastery is dating from the Middle Ages, although the exact time of occurrence is not known. There used to be one of the first schools in modern Serbia. Many famous and spiritual personalities were related to this monastery, among them St. Justin Popovic of Ćelije. In addition to his grave, there is also the grave of Duke Ilija Bircanin, whom the Turks had cut off the head before the start of the First Serbian Uprising in the 17th century.

Nowdays there are nuns operating the unique icon-paiting school. The monastery is located close to the city of Valjevo, next to the canyon of the river Gradac, one of the cleanest rivers in Serbia. It is a protected, mountainous and forested area of incredible beauty, fluttering butterflies and relaxing environment.