Novi Pazar

The city that appease differences

Charming in every way, intertwined with different cultures and known as the place of delicious, exotic food, “Mini Istambul” as Novi Pazar is called, will delight all your senses.

Welcome to Novi Pazar

Welcome to Novi Pazar. Town situated in the Raska District, on the Raska River, in the center of the Novi Pazar field, Stari Ras. The city got the title of the youngest city in Europe because the majority of its populations is under 35 years old. Raška river flows through the town leaving the new part of the town at once and the old part of the town on her other bank.

The old part dates from the Ottoman empire and the new one was built in the 15th century. The most visited place in the center of the new part of the town is the square of Gazi Isa beg. Vivacious life blinks through the taps of Sebeilj česma, one of the most recognizable sites, built-in 2010 as a replica of the one in Sarajevo. On the sidewalk is drawn a compass on which besides the sides of the world there is another mark. It marks the holiest place in the Islamic world – Mecca. There are 30 state-protected cultural monuments in Novi Pazar, some of which have been on the UNESCO World Heritage List for four decades.

Memories on the Ottoman empire

Old čaršija was built by the Turkish military commander Isa-beg Isakovic. On your first step on the cobble of the most important promenade in town, you will immediately fall in love. Soul of the east and west exude in every single part of the bazaar, the fragrance of new and old fulfills the air light air, flavors of the bagels, sweets and marinade lures and mesmerize. The city is well known for its kajmak, ćevapi, baklavas, ratluk…

Smalls craft shops, boutiques, bakeries, mahalas, hans, churches, mosque are lined along the street. Some of them date from the last century carries and tells stories from the Ottoman empire. Like the living museum, Stara Čaršija is a place that preserves monuments of great importance for the whole Balkans.

The old čaršija is located at Prvomajska Street. It used to be called imperial jade because imperial and other caravans passed there on the way to Kosovska Mitrovica, Skopje and Istanbul. At the entrance to the old čaršija is the church of Peter and Paul, popularly known as Peter’s Church. It is the oldest monument of church architecture in Serbia and is considered to be in the Balkans.

At the bottom of the Imperial Jade is the Altun-Alem Mosque, a beauty of Islamic architecture. One of the oldest and most beautiful mosques in the Balkans is known as the mosque with a golden stone. Near the old Čaršija are a City Fortress (Bedem) and a Watchtower (Kula Motrilja), built by the Ottoman Turks in the 15th century.

The old public bathroom, built-in 15. Century is boarded with old Čaršija on its west side. Hamam is counted in one of the oldest and most significant monuments in Serbia and it is protected by the state.

Old Ras with Sopoćani

Old Ras was one of the first capitals of the medieval Serbia state of Raška.

Old Ras with Sopoćani is one of the most important cultural-historical complexes in Serbia.

The most significant monuments in this whole are Sopoćani Monastery, Đurđevi Stupovi Monastery, Church of Sv. the apostles Peter and Paul (Peter’s church) and the remains of the fortresses of Ras and Gradina which justify its greatness.

Old Ras is listed at the UNESCO LIST OF WORLD HERITAGE.

Nature abundance trough the eye of tourism

Tourist season in Novi Pazar is never slowing down. Every season has its representative. If you plan to visit this city during the warm days, you may be surprised by a large number of excursion sites, rivers, spas, villages, mountains.

Mountain Golija, for example, is situated 32 north from Novi Pazar and it is the inevitable place for rest an recreation. Rogozna mountain, 12 km from Novi Pazar rich in conifers with its highest peak of 1504 meters is an ideal refuge of peace and health. And when the picturesque becomes white of snow, those mountains turn into the most popular ski resorts.

For those who are more into spa tourism, sources of health, an abundance of beauty and temples of pleasures originate from two natural spas. Novopazarska spa known from the period of old Rome remains of the warm bathrooms has a climate healing character. Nothing less popular and pretty is Rajćinovića spa which is also a place with a pleasant climate.

Fishing fans can test their skills in waters of Raška river, wealth in native trout. For hunting lovers on the commercial hunting ground, the reindeer deer farm provides the opportunity for special relaxation and enjoyment.

Thanks to its pleasant climate that cherishes fragrant forest, gentle mountain slopes which keep untouched nature spread over the endless, life that flows in crystal area of Novi Pazar is a great of village tourism. Healthy food, homemade dairy products, fruits, vegetables are leading groceries on here’s menu.

Although everything we mention in the lines above is necessary for keeping a successful household, their creation would not be able without warm-hearted people of Novi Pazar.