Themed gala dinner & party examples

We love challenges. In our agency, we are constantly improving our professional skills and with every event, we are learning and growing. Anything you can imagine, we can deliver into reality. Even if you are out of ideas, our creative leaders will step in and design unique and original incentives, intended for you only.

The fact that you can always rely on our abilities and imaginations is corroborated by the following examples.

The Great Gatsby Themed Gala Dinner

Let’s take you back to the time of Great Gatsby and make you feel the scent of the early years of the 20th century. The times where the finest brandies were sweetened with a taste of good cigars, where glamour is a part of everyday living and the party is never-ending.

When an international company with an office in Belgrade decided to crown the end of their successful campaign, we have decided to make it unforgettable.

That night, the masterpiece building Geozavod 1905 was a host for a themed gala dinner party, attended by 100 people.

As the evening began in a glamorous style, guests were transferred by old-timers from the hotel to the venue. Upon entrance we continued with surprises, guests have chosen their pieces of outfit depicting the period of the mid-1920s, continuing to the main hall.

On the first step in this magnificent mansion, reminiscent of Viennese and Parisian traditions, they knew that a memorable night has just begun. The event was perpetuated in front of the large backdrop at the entrance of the dining hall.

Inside of the room, wrapped in marble and gold, music was seducing guests with the sound of remastered hits from the famous “Cotton Club”. By the table for the blackjacks and roulette, croupiers were sharing cards to those who wanted to try their luck, while the cigarette girls were carrying refined tobaccos.

After the classy dinner, ’’grooving’’ on the dance floor was followed by a heated atmosphere, good vibes, and lots of laughter.

On that very special night, we managed to revive a whole picture of those glamorous times and with satisfied clients in a carefully planned event, every piece of the puzzle came together in one.

James Bond Themed Gala Dinner

When the scenario of James Bond is organized by creative professionals, situated in the sophisticated restaurant in Belgrade, then you have an attractive, themed Gala Dinner where nothing is impossible.

The luxurious environment of Topčiderac which exudes with the top high class was decorated in 007 styles, completing the picture of an amazing event. Three hundred guests, colleagues, and friends came to the party to celebrate their success. Welcomed with vodka martini (shaken not stirred) they were having fun and waiting for the show to start.

DJ with a license to thrill has just brought the atmosphere to the heat when it started to happen. The music stopped and the evil laugh of villain announced trouble. Then, an 8-meter tall robot appeared!

Moving toward the crowd, sowing fear, he spotted a girl from his dreams. He grabbed her with his giant arms and lifted high above the ground. Surprised witnesses were watching the unexpected scenario, while the frightened girl was trying to escape.

Then, all the sudden, well-known theme songs brought the hope back and changed the whole situation.  The most famous secret agent of all times had come, and guests could finally relief. James Bond saved the girl and with a single gunshot brought the robot to fire, indicating that he has no time to die.

When the spectacle ended the party continued. Gathered colleagues were fascinated by the grandiose show, having fun to the late hours.

Party Tram

Our versatility also comes to expression when it comes to organizing themed parties. Our clients have an opportunity to party in most original places, and one of them is a tram.

This kind of unusual experience includes music played by the professional DJ, lights, inclusive drinks served by waiters, while incredible, old tram, specially prepared for rides through the illuminated center of Belgrade.

Party organized in a tram will give you the one-of-a-kind chance to experience Belgrade and its lifestyle, admire the city by night, see the most exceptional and highly historical places of the capital of Serbia as well as expanding your horizons thanks to observing culture, nature, and architecture of the city while at the same time having a great time.

The best part of an event like this is that it may be organized as a pre-event or as the main activity. Great music, fine champagne… it will become a once-in-a-lifetime experience you and your guests will never forget.

From Belgrade with love…

Your Serbia Incoming DMC

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