Dear clients and partners, we missed You

The whole of this situation with the global lockup, paralyzing travel and event industry, made us realize how much we love and enjoy creating unforgettable experiences, interacting with you, helping you achieve your goals, and making You happy.

Yes, it is finally over, at least in Serbia, everything is coming back to normal, but there is an overwhelming feeling how much we have missed you and, how much we missed creating unforgettable experiences for You. Life in lockdown just hasn’t been the same without you.

  • We missed the demanding hours and sometimes stressful deadlines.
  • We missed the buzz of seeing your/our custom travel experience or event vision come to life.
  • We missed being in the office with the team every day and brainstorming ideas for Your next journey or event.
  • Creating moments that connect hearts and minds,
  • Working in a team onsite and fulfilling your part.
  • Watching the smiles on your faces,
  • And sharing with you new experiences and new places.
  • Creating events from concept through to delivery.
  • We missed our colleague Nevena’s secret stash of chocolates which kept us going when we had a long day of planning.
  • We missed our CBDO Filip’s dog, Otto, coming into the office and making everyone’s day.
  • We missed traveling to places near and far to discover new venues, destinations, and industry friends.
  • We missed all of our partners and daily interaction between us, being on the phone with them a hundred times a day.
  • We missed you… All, and all about you.

In our line of business, there are always ups and downs, but all that remains in our memory are actually good things and, happy moments.

We really had a great time together. And we are going to have even more of it. The best times are ahead of us! 🚀

Thank you for these memories! 🙏

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3 replies on “Dear clients and partners, we missed You

  • Julia

    Thanks for this lovely, emotional text. Serbia Incoming team was and still is in our greatest memory, and we all hope we would cooperate very soon with you.
    All the best from Moscow!


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