Many international magazines and newspapers wrote about it as if it was some kind of phenomenon. Actually, Serbs have known how to party ever since, but we kept our little secret just for ourselves.

Today, everybody comes to Belgrade, from Slovenians who pour to the city like Americans to Mexico, to trendsetters from all over the world. Everybody cites Belgrade as an exquisite clubbing destination. Yet, there is nothing glamorous about this place and the nightlife is far from being spectacular. The thing is that we know how to have fun and we enjoy every moment of it. We are hedonist to the very core of our being and that refers to the nightlife, as well.

Belgradians are pretty much easy going about everything in their life. Although you might have an agreement for the night out, don’t be surprised if they make a last minute change. During the night, they keep in touch with their friends through cell phones, make arrangement for another clubbing destination or inform one another whether the party is better in some other club. Belgradians never visit only one place during the night and club hopping is inevitable. This is possible mainly because most of the clubs, cafes and floating bars are located near one another, in the city center or beside the rivers. Usually, Belgradians take a “tour” by foot and if there is a need, they share a taxi with friends.

Floating bars are leitmotif of Belgrade nightlife. They arose as turbo-folk “empires” (mutated form of local folk music) during 90s and mostly were visited by local gang members and their entourage. However, they have changed their face and became places of good night fun. Choice of bars is bigger and satisfies everybodies taste, from hardcore clubbers to ones who like to dance on tables.

Indeed, Belgrade is among cities that never sleep and no matter if you are here alone or with somebody else, you will never feel bored!


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  • Čombe

    I just want to add one more thing.
    Belgrade is marked as #1 place for nightlife by The Guardian, Lonely Planet and many other influential magazines and newspapers.
    Cheers, take care and don’t overdose with rakia 😀


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