Krušedol monastery


Enjoyed a vast reputation for a long time

Was the seat of the Patriarch

The year 1546 is known as the time of the founding of the monastery. It was built on the property of a famous family Jakšić, and a patron was Archbishop Maksim (Branković).

Krušedol has enjoyed a vast reputation for a long time, also as the seat of the restored Diocese of Srem as well as a center with a large estate and other values. According to the Great Migration (in 1699), Krušedol monastery was the seat of the Patriarch, and then the Metropolitan of the Krušedol’s metropolis.

After the death of the Patriarch Arsenije Čarnojević, Church Assemblies, which are of great importance in Serbian history, were held here (1708, 1710, and 1713). The fact that it was visited twice by the Jerusalem Patriarch Paisios himself testifies about the reputation of the monastery.
Dedicated to the Annunciation of the Most Holy Theotokos.

Besides Branković, whose relics were partially destroyed by the Turks and the remains found in the common life, Princess Ljubica (wife of Prince Miloš Obrenović), King Milan (1882-1889) and the Serbian Patriarchs Arsenije Čarnojević (1674-1690), and Arsenije IV Jovanović šakabenta (1726-1737) were later buried in the church.