Sirmium archaeological site


One of the four capitals of the Roman Empire

Reached its peak in the 3rd century

Sirmium, one of the four capitals of the Roman Empire reached its peak in the 3rd century when this town was the trade and transit centre of the whole region of the Late Roman Empire. Today Sremska Mitrovica actually conceals the real greatness of antique Sirmium. The system of roads, aqueducts and military fortifications, remains of the royal palace, thermals, theatres, and hippodrome are evidences that this town was the centre (legion camp, imperial city and episcopal centre) of the entire area – the Roman province of Pannonia.

Later, Sirmium became one of the hubs of the early Christianity, but a place of Christian martyrs’ Christian basilica in the city centre testify to this. In the end of the 4th century, Sirmium shared the fate of the entire Empire. Following incursions by Huns, Goths and Gepids, the city was ruined and depopulated.

In memory to the ancient glory of this city, a Festival of Public Speaking is organized, each June, at the Žitni Trg square, at the remains of the artisan district from the Roman times.