Saint Sava Temple


One of the largest Orthodox churches in the world

In the center of Belgrade

It was built in the Serbo-Byzantine style. Construction of the church has lasted for more than a century, mostly because of the wars and the unfavourable political conditions. The church is so large that it can accommodate more than 10,000 people at the same time.

The temple is dedicated to the famous Serbian medieval personality and archbishop Saint Sava (Rastko Nemanjic), the son of the powerful Serbian ruler Stefan Nemanja, the founder of the ruling Nemanjic dynasty. The temple was built on the site where the Ottoman Turks publicly burned the remains of his relics in the 16th century, following an uprising in which the Serbs used icon depictions of Sava as their war flags.

Come and visit Saint Sava Temple, the largest orthodox place of worship in the Balkans.