Saint Prohor of Pčinja


Built by the Byzantine Emperor Roman Diogen in 11th century

Second largest Serbian Orthodox monastery complex

Saint Prohor of Pcinja Monastery is the 11th century monastery, considered as the second largest Serbian Orthodox monastery complex. It is believed that it was founded by the Byzantine Emperor Romanus IV in honor of Saint Prohor of Pcinja, who had predicted him the imperial title. It was later renovated by the famous Serbian King Milutin. The monastery was destroyed several times.

It has very important spiritual role, because it is believed that myrrh-flowing remains of Saint Prohor miraculously healed many sick people over the centuries. Except for the Serbs, the monastery is very important for the Macedonian people because there Macedonia was declared a state within the former Yugoslavia in the mid-20th century.

In the monastery there is a theological school and school of iconography , as well as the capacity to accommodate different categories of travelers. It is located in the southern Serbia, near the Macedonian (FYROM) border in the beautiful countryside, mountain area, near the pure river of Pcinja.