Mileševa monastery


One of the most important Serbian monasteries

Dating from the 1230’s.

Mileševa monastery was built by a medieval king Vladislav who comes from a famous Serbian Nemanjic dynasty. It became the second most important Serbian monastery when it received the relics of the famous Saint Sava, the founder of the medieval dynasty Nemanjic. It had important political and educational role in some periods of history.

The church is especially famous for its fresco paintings, which are among the greatest masterpieces of Europe in the Middle Ages. The famous fresco of White Angel was a part of the first satellite image of Europe which was sent to the United States after the establishment of a satellite link between the two continents in 1962. The figure of the Angel on Christ’s tomb with the skillfulness of drawing, harmony of colors and spirituality of expression emanates with nearly a transcendent beauty.

It is located in southwest Serbia, near the town of Prijepolje, surrounded by pristine nature of the valley of Mileševka river.